Our Moving Services

Let’s face it, moving can be stressful. It’s a huge disruption to your life and your kids’ lives too. There’s so much to do, and so much to organize. You may be worried that your belongings won’t arrive safely, or about damage to your home.

The Squad knows that moving should be an adventure, not a chore.

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Free estimates, packing materials included in flat rate.


• Flat rates
• One Piece
• Full home
• Hourly

Whatever your need we have you covered, bookings can be done within 24 hours. We blanket, shrink wrap, tag and preform a color coded inventory for our customers.

Weekly service to all provinces in Canada.


• Vancouver    • Regina            • Calgary         • Montreal
• Kelowna        • Canmore        • Saskatoon    • Halifax
• Winnipeg      • Hamilton       • Toronto        • Fredericton

Where ever your destination is we will get you there.

Bookings can be done within 24 hours.

Free one month storage offered in Vancouver/Calgary/Toronto

Weekly service

Covering West coast to Eastern Seaboard also serving Mid America.

Import cities : Click To Download List

We disassemble/assemble all furniture

*Inquire about our snowbird specials*

Weekly services covering 350 ports world wide!

Specializing in South/ Central America/ Australia/ Europe/ Asia

Offering full packaging and crating service. Everything from home, commercial, cars/trucks, equipment

Bookings can be done within 24 hours

We offer an organization team to work with the IT of the company, to transport computers and office furniture.

Bin service for paper files

5 point plan for office and commercial moves

Included in flat and hourly rates.

Input information off a website on line- price as well.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting!




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